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"It is so refreshing to be in a class where the whole lesson flows so splendidly. Not to mention Chris instructs us right up until – and often beyond, the last minutes of the class. There is never a dull moment and even when Chris is informing someone who needs a little extra assistance in class, we can all look on and learn from what she is saying.

I think Chris Orchard is the most generous of teachers and I am sure there isn't any of her pupils who would not agree. She gives her time, sometimes well after the end of the class, and we always know we are welcome to approach her to ask for guidance outside of class hours. Chris is an absolute star and I know for her, the reward is her pleasure in witnessing how we all manage to develop in her Progressive Dog Obedience classes."

- Mary & Poppy
"Chris has knowledge that seems limitless, and her dedication is exemplory. It is such a joy to have that really close relationship with your dog, where they work for you and respect your authority. Izzy is a happy, obedient dog, and Dexter is growing up to be the same. Thank you Chris!"

- Sarah
"I first learned of Chris Orchard and her Dog Obedience Classes through the recommendation of a young lady who I saw walking her very obedient Manchester Terrier. I was so impressed how nicely her dog was walking to heel, whilst my 5 month old Border Collie was behaving like he had no manners whatsoever.
I was desperate to find a good dog teacher but didn't want to join "any old class" where I'd be paying too much money and not learning enough! I'd already experienced that scenario when I rescued my first dog, so I knew what I WASN'T looking for in a dog class.
Chris's classes are simply The Very Best."

- Diana
"My life was once run by a dog but now I have learnt how to be in charge. The best thing about this dog club is not just teaching your dog the basic commands but learning how to be in charge and forming a partnership with them. The training lessons has indeed brought my dog me and closer and now I can say that I've earned the respect from Ockley."

- Melissa, Jonathan and Ockley :)
"If not for Chris Orchard's training classes, my Border Collie probably wouldn't have lived for more than a year...

'Monty' came to us as a fluffy, bouncy bundle of fun puppy. Everyone adored him and he was spoilt rotten. But as novice dog owners we didn't notice the slow change in him over the weeks and months, until one day, almost overnight it seemed, he had suddenly turned into a growling, biting, aggressive, dominant dog.

I read all the books and duly had Monty castrated, which I was assured would calm him down. The only effect was an acute bout of guilty conscience by my partner! I also took Monty to a local training class. In my ignorance - and because so many books recommended it - I tried treat-training. The only effect was a fat, aggressive dog!!

Then it got worse. In turn, Monty bit me, my sister and finally my partner, the latter so badly he nearly had to go to A&E and in sheer desperation he finally gave me an ultimatum - it was either him or the dog! So, I did the sensible thing and asked the vet. His advice?
"Once a snappy collie always a snappy collie. If you want to be a responsible dog owner, have him put down before he seriously hurts someone."

A week later, while I was seriously considering this awful option, a miracle happened. A complete stranger out with her dog stopped to admire Monty. When I told her about my dilemma, she sent me straight up to Merrow to meet Chris Orchard. And that was the start of a very steep learning curve for me. It was a hard slog at first but within months of joining her classes I began to see subtle changes and things very slowly improved.

It's taken a while to get there - and he's not perfect - but I now have a well-behaved, friendly, happy dog. And best of all he knows who's boss!

Thank you Chris - I can honestly say that you saved my dog's life!"

- Julie Willson
"I wanted to just say thank you for helping me, through your home visit and then the current Beginner’s dog training classes at Merrow, to change Dusty from being an aggressive, over-dominant little dog into the quiet, obedient and far happier dog she has now become. She is welcome anywhere now, especially my place of work, and is a joy to be with in public places. Strangers even comment now on how well trained she is. This is the first dog training course I have ever taken part in over many years with previous dogs, that I have not left before the end. Your method and style of training is so easy to follow, user friendly and above all works!!"

- Beverlie & Dusty (Cocker Spaniel)
Hi Chris

Thought I would drop you a quick line to say a great big thankyou for the classes for beginners.  Cooper has progressed really well  - I can't believe he is the same dog I brought along all those weeks ago!

We are still in training every day doing lots of downs, stays, with me's, watch me's.........

I am so glad I decided to attend these classes as I now have an obedient dog who, not only does what he is told (most of the time!), but is also fun to be around and a great companion.

Thank you so much Chris.
With our Best Wishes

- Brenda and Cooper (Jack Russell)
My husband and I got our Springer Spaniel Margot as a puppy and as first-time dog owners, we spoilt her rotten. Consequently, her behaviour went from mischievous to downright infuriating! We read lots of books and tried to train her ourselves at home. This was doomed from the start, so we followed a neighbour's advice and took her to a class he had recommended. Annoyingly, when we got there, the whole course just consisted of treat training, which we gave a good go as we were desperate to train our naughty and embarrassing dog. All that happened was that Margot then learnt that she didn't have to do what we wanted as long as she wasn't bothered about having the treat. Her behaviour went from bad to worse in just eight weeks. It was useless!

One day, after Margot escaped from the garden by destroying part of the fence, she caught a rabbit and flatly refused to come back. This was near a busy road and you can imagine my distress! I ended up in tears, thinking that I would never get her to behave...and just for a fleeting second I almost thought I should just accept that I had a delinquent dog and never let her off the lead again. Thankfully, at that moment my sister returned my S.O.S. text and forcefully suggested I come to watch one of her dog training classes run by Chris. Soon after that, I went to watch a class and was so impressed, I signed Margot up on the spot.

By the time the date came around to start our classes with Margot, we had adopted our other dog Edward from a rescue centre, having been told that he needed "a little bit of help with his training". That turned out to be a huge understatement! We were lucky to be able to sign him up with Chris for the same class and so my husband and I trained both dogs together. During the first class, Edward was so naughty, I was sweating and cross by the end of it. Margot had also been a little madam with my husband, but we both came away feeling that it had been worthwhile. The next day at home, I cried tears of frustration trying to do the 'sit' exercise with Edward - he just wouldn't do it. During the next lesson the problem was solved. Chris took time out specially to show me how to make him do it, not taking 'no' for an answer, and we've never looked back!

Chris has taught us so much about the way dogs think and behave that we've benefited hugely from her advice. She has taught us that we are in charge no matter what and that the key to successful dog training is perseverance and the knowledge that you are in charge, not the dog. It's amazing how a dog can train its human to bow to its every whim; even convincing us that we must bribe them with no end of treats and toys in order to obtain good behaviour from them. But Chris makes it clear that this cannot be allowed to happen -  learning the importance of understanding and taking charge of the dog in our life, in a calm, controlled and authoritative way. Chris has even given us special additional exercises to do at home with our dogs to combat particular problems we've come up against.

The classes run so smoothly because Chris is a brilliant teacher who uses a firm approach with the dogs to achieve her goals. Unlike our other class, where we were told to take a seat and then lectured for an hour, Chris has us training with the dogs the whole time and even takes time to specifically address any problems that come up, no matter how long this may take. Everyone benefits from this as we learn so many extra things that apply to our own dogs that we never thought to ask. Chris goes above and beyond to give extra advice to anyone who needs it and is always happy to stay late to help anyone with a problem they have encountered with their dog outside the class. No problem is ever just ignored.

These days there are so many 'dog training' gimmicks on the market: treats, toys, clickers, whistles, special collars that buzz or spray air...even sadly electric shock collars - you name it, there's someone making money from it. But the truth is, you don't need any of these things - all you need is the right advice and the correct training. Chris provides this in spades and I am so happy to recommend her to you. Our dogs have come so far since the tearaway days last year. We still have work to do with them and will never stop training them, but now we have the confidence to do it and not give up!

- Briony & Edward and Frank & Margot
"Hi, I have been training Lucy with Chris for about 2 years now, Lucy is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and can be a little stubborn at times, but the training classes have given me the confidence to be the pack leader and take control. Im now in the advance class and learning more and more. Chris is a very knowledgeable , confidant trainer and also makes the classes fun. So much so that my new puppy Miley is now coming to the classes and im sure with Chris's amazing training techniques it wont be long before she is in the advance class. I would 100% recommend it to anyone who is wanting to train their dog and learn more about their dogs behaviour.
Thanks For All Your Hard Work Chris."

- Mark, Jenna, Lucy and Miley

Poem -
My dogs were a mess,
a real pain in the rear.
They pulled on their lead
and barked in my ear.

Training and manners,
is what they did lack.
They kept running off,
and not coming back.

So we came to your class,
and worked every day.
We practiced our heel,
our sit, and our stay.

Now they sleep on their beds,
and walk by my side.
They even behave
in the car, on a ride!

Our life is much better,
that's plain to see.
So here's a big THANKS
from Lucy, Miley and Me.

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