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Progressive Dog Obedience


Enjoy a training evening with our dogs and other dog interested people


Waiting List Open

MERROW:  Tuesday 14th September

Starters/Beginners 7 week Course

ALL BREEDS & ALL AGES from 4 months to 8 years




NORMANDY:  Friday 30th July:  (Now Fully Booked)




'Obedience'  is NOT learning to do a 'trick' or perform!

'Obedience'  is learning skillful communications, to ensure safe and enjoyable living together

No treats, toys or clickers are required or needed,

RELATIONSHIP not RESOURCE is Paramount for Owner and Dog

(Thank you for being here, you obviously wish to nurture your dog

to become the best that you can help him/her to be).

Whatever a dog's breed or size, they deserve appreciation of their potential

Acknowledge their pet parenting needs - with good communication

Gain confidence, respect and a closer bond between you both



(Intermediate and new to this area?  If you are keen to train without treats etc... let me know)

Always pleased to chat re your situation/issues with puppy or older dog




All Breeds and All Ages Good Responses, Better Behaviour and Improved Dog Manners

(Do not feel awkward, as together you will improve)




***  Dog Behaviour Issues?  - Private Visit can be arranged  ***


(Feel welcome to have a chat with me - any time - including weekends/bank holidays - and visit Club with your dog)


My aim is to Inspire, Motivate and Encourage in the art of fulfilling the 'Parenting'/Leading/Guiding role in any dog's life - that helps you the 'Pet Parent' Improve, Progress and Achieve good well-balanced control, interaction and obedience with your dog .....

and for the dog to feel confident knowing that You can take good charge of the social family unit appropriately ...... dogs need to rely and trust on this.


NO treats, toys or clickers required (and NO Alpha Rolls either)! - Why consider these necessary? .... If a dog's motivation to respond is based on something tasty or a toy, then what is more important, you or the treat??? ..... And if someone else has a more tasty treat, who might your dog prefer to respond to?

Surely, YOU are the most important part of your dog's life, so why try and convince him/her that something else is instead??? Surprised


Relating between Human to Canine ... This is the area that unfortunately and unintentionally can be misunderstood, resulting in confusion between Owner and dog

However, learning to reach and become part of their world, brings them closer to ours. Smile


Group Club Classes (all Levels) at Merrow and Normandy / Private Visit / Puppy Training ...... for details and Price List see under 'CLASSES'.

(Also available as a Guest Trainer (date allowing) - one-off, temporary or semi-regular).


Plus incorporating our focus on dog behaviour and dog good manners within the Class too!

"This is more than a business to me, as my clients will support. It is a committed passion for the way of the dog,
that I feel privileged to share, and which the Club is focused upon".  - Chris


If you want more from your training together - then look no further!

Learning a dog's way of thinking is interesting and challenging, plus far more productive and enjoyable for you both.

....... Give your dog an evening out to enjoy using his/her mind to interact with you. Smile


Whether a first-timer or needing to refresh - You and your dog will NOT be bored.  (Neither will you feel awkward or embarrassed - I want you to enjoy the experience of learning together)

Training is not teaching 'Tricks'!  It is interactive communication between you both.

Your dog is a member of your human social family,  build understanding, trust and respect. What a combination!


Respect is highly valued by dogs, and special within the relationship.

Far better earning respect, than try to buy it from your dog - your dog can tell the difference!

We are politely proud and confident to be unrivaled in dog training that does NOT teach dogs to simply Perform, but teaches Owners to Connect



Please feel welcome to contact me for a friendly chat about your present situation with your puppy or older dog, (or any previous obedience training),

either Week-Days or Week-Ends (whichever is most convenient for you)  0780 466 9760 - or - 01483 724421

Or via the Contact Section at the top of this page


No standing or sitting around waiting your turn!  Active throughout.....

No over-priced fees or gimmicks. (see Price List under Classes at top)

Full active session.

Feel genuinely welcome and part of an enjoyable training group.

Dogs of all ages are welcome and able to learn.

Plus valuing a large helping of good-will humour between us all

...... Come and visit, bring your dog, and enjoy watching with a cup of tea or coffee Smile


Training your Dog

Would you prefer to train your dog without the use of Treats, Toys or Clickers?
Well you can! Yes, you can…

Dogs & Us

The whole concept of this Club is not merely obedience exercises, but improving the relationship of everyday living with your dog.

Class Levels

I offer classes for all levels.
- Beginners
- Intermediate
- Advanced

Paws for Thought

If Owners have a passion and enjoyment of the dog, then would this be best demonstrated in a commitment to understand their way of thinking and communicating, and looking to emulate that to the best of our ability?

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