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Once the basics are in place (remember, not just your dog but you too), then join us in this next area of training. A 10-week Course £75.

These Groups will be extending the training between you and your dog, to produce a stronger bond.  More varied exercises, more distraction, more focus & attention, and understanding our dogs.

Working with your dog and having him/her focus, concentrate, and respond to you because of you, and nothing more, is extremely bonding between Owner and Dog, (and rewarding for you both).

Please note:

- Incorporates behavioural training (part of Obedience)

- Lessons are ONE hour each Class

- Continuity of classes throughout the year.

- Both Intermediate and Advance Groups can swap and participate at either of the Clubs, (training twice weekly if they wish, at no additional charge). This is ideal if they are unable to come to their usual Club for any reason, or simply would like an extra lesson.

- We go that extra mile Smile We do not just skate on the surface of training, but plunge with commitment to learning their way with us

"I am available to help Club Members with any queries (not only at the Class) but by phone or email week-day and weekends."
- Chris


Class Levels

I offer classes for all levels.
- Beginners
- Intermediate
- Advanced

Paws for Thought

If Owners have a passion and enjoyment of the dog, then would this be best demonstrated in a commitment to understand their way of thinking and communicating, and looking to emulate that to the best of our ability?

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