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Foundation (Young & Older) Class

This is for all breeds of dogs, young and older, including Rescue dogs. Because whether the dog is young or old (4 months or 11 years) they are all Beginning, and the Owners are learning about the dogs way of thinking, and therefore to gain better control and bonding. Teaching and training that makes Dog Sense, not what seems to make sense to people ...... but not to a dog!

It is a 7 or 8-week Course - you, your dog and the rest of your group are learning to progress week by week.

Merrow Course: (6.30 - 7.15 p.m.)

Normandy Course: (6.45 - 7.30 p.m.)

You are not merely guiding and training your dog to do certain required exercises, but you will be learning to earn your dog's respect, by becoming what all dogs seek - a good guiding 'Pet Parent'.  Simply owning a dog is not enough, fulfilling the role of human Guardian in your dog's life is very important to their sense of trusting security within the family social unit, and something that needs to be learned by us.

This is why you will not require, treats or toys etc., because you will be learning to gain your dog's attention and respect in the role he/she will appreciate - good confident guide and lead, to build trust, rather than just the provider of goodies!

Please note:

- Incorporating behavioural training (as part of Obedience)

- Lessons are ONE hour or 45 minutes (depending which Group) - and no waiting around feeling bored!

- Continuity of classes throughout the year


"I am available to help Club Members with any queries (not only at the Class) but by phone or email week-day and weekends."
- Chris


Class Levels

I offer classes for all levels.
- Beginners
- Intermediate
- Advanced

Paws for Thought

If Owners have a passion and enjoyment of the dog, then would this be best demonstrated in a commitment to understand their way of thinking and communicating, and looking to emulate that to the best of our ability?

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